Young Thug – From a Man

Young Thug Releases New Single “From A Man” While Incarcerated

American rapper Young Thug, despite being incarcerated, has shared a new single titled “From A Man.” This release came alongside the new single “From A Woman” by Mariah The Scientist, and Mariah has recently confirmed her relationship with Young Thug.

He raps “I don’t know, but right now it feels real, this sh!-t real I’m Dr. Phil, I’m big wheel, I’m king spill
I ever rat it wasn’t my years, I’m gettin’ k!lled I swear I’m gettin’ k!lled”

In “From A Man,” Young Thug delivers his signature style with intricate wordplay and a smooth flow. He touches on various topics, referencing high-end fashion brands and expressing his determination to succeed despite the challenges he faces. The song showcases Young Thug’s versatility as an artist and his ability to create engaging and relatable music.

This new single arrives after Young Thug’s third studio album, “Business Is Business,” which was released a few months ago. Despite his current situation, the rapper continues to be a prominent figure in the hip-hop industry and maintains a dedicated fan base.

“From A Man” is likely to resonate with Young Thug’s fans and showcases his continued creativity and influence in the music world. His lyrics reveal his commitment to his craft and his drive to overcome obstacles in his path.

It’s important to note that Young Thug’s artistic output remains strong, even in challenging circumstances, demonstrating his dedication to his music and fans.