Young Thug Disses Gunna on ‘Jonesboro’ “Ni**as told & he was my homie I can’t miss him”

Young Thug Disses Gunna on ‘Jonesboro’ “Ni**as told & he was my homie I can’t miss him”

Young Thug Raises Speculation with Questionable Lyrics About Snitching on New Album, While Gunna Addresses Accusations in Latest Release

Young Thug’s latest album release, “BUSINESS IS BUSINESS,” has sparked controversy among fans as they speculate about his lyrics hinting at a snitching incident involving his frequent collaborator, Gunna. The Atlanta rapper’s track titled “Jonesboro” contains lyrics that have led fans to believe Thug may be referencing Gunna’s alleged betrayal. The speculation emerged after Gunna faced accusations in December of cooperating with authorities in exchange for his release from jail.

In the song “Jonesboro,” Young Thug pays tribute to his old Atlanta neighborhood while delivering lyrics that appear to address the snitching incident. He raps, “Y’all ni**as just a bunch of d*kes, fu**ing ni**as/ Ni**as told and he was my homie/ I can’t miss him, ain’t nobody feel him.” The lines left fans questioning whether Thug was expressing disappointment in Gunna’s alleged actions.

Coincidentally, Gunna also released his latest album, “A Gift & A Curse,” last week. The 15-track project, released under the YSL imprint, notably lacks any features. Throughout the album, Gunna addresses accusations of snitching and reflects on his falling out with several friends, while also recounting his time spent incarcerated.

Gunna directly responds to the accusations and reassures his longtime collaborator in the track “I Was Just Thinking.” In the song, Gunna emphasizes his loyalty to Thug, vehemently denying any involvement in jeopardizing their friendship through betrayal or informing on him.

The conflicting narratives presented in their respective albums have intensified discussions among fans, further fueling the speculation surrounding the state of Young Thug and Gunna’s relationship. Supporters of both artists are divided, with some expressing disappointment and concern, while others are hopeful that any tension can be resolved.

As fans eagerly await more clarity on the situation, it remains uncertain whether the lyrics in Young Thug’s track “Jonesboro” were indeed referencing Gunna or if there is another explanation behind the ambiguous lines. Both artists have yet to provide explicit statements addressing the speculation, leaving fans to interpret the lyrics on their own.

The release of “BUSINESS IS BUSINESS” and “A Gift & A Curse” has undoubtedly added an extra layer of intrigue to the already dynamic and ever-evolving Atlanta rap scene. Followers of Young Thug and Gunna will undoubtedly continue to dissect their lyrics, searching for further clues and hoping for a resolution to the rumored discord between the two talented artists.