The Microphone thrown by Cardi B at a fan has been sold for $100K at auction

The Microphone thrown by Cardi B at a fan has been sold for $100K at auction

The microphone that rapper Cardi B famously threw at a fan during a concert has found a new home and a purpose beyond the spotlight. After sparking significant interest in an online auction, the microphone has been sold on eBay for an impressive $99,900. This incident occurred during a performance last month, and the mic toss not only triggered discussions around fan behavior but also prompted a brief police inquiry.

The online auction drew more than 120 bids, reflecting the substantial attention garnered by this unusual item. Beyond the entertainment value, the sale of the microphone also carries a charitable angle. The proceeds from the sale are being evenly divided between two deserving causes: the Friendship Circle Las Vegas and the Wounded Warrior Project.

In an act of generosity, the seller, Scott Fisher, shared on Facebook that the funds will be split between these two organizations. This gesture underscores the power of using viral moments to make a positive impact on the community.

The incident that led to this memorable microphone toss occurred on July 29 during Cardi B’s performance at Drai’s Beach Club in Las Vegas. A member of the audience threw a drink containing ice at the rapper, prompting her to react by throwing her microphone toward the audience member. Security quickly intervened to defuse the situation.

The microphone’s journey from stage to auction and its sale for a significant sum serves as a reminder of the complex relationship between artists and their fans, as well as the potential for turning events into opportunities for good.