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Why GHOST is Alive – The Empty Casket Theory ‘Power Book 2 Ghost Season 3’

Many Mysteries remain following the ending of power, but none are bigger that the question, is Ghost alive?

So this a mini-series on why we believe ghost is still alive and how he could have possibly faked his death, but how Tariq could one day end up digging up Ghost’s grave, only find an empty casket so if you are new to the channel then go ahead.

But the theory that we’ll be deep diving into in this post, is whether the casket that ghost was supposedly buried in, is actually indeed empty and why Tariq would even contemplate digging up Ghost’s grave, and not just because we an empty casket in the opening credits scene.

One of the many issues fans had was the we never saw a dead body, because was Ghost left on the floor of club truth, nor did we see a funeral, that was until Power Book 2 Ghost season 1, where we did see Ghost’s funeral, but remember, no body, and till this day we still haven’t seen one, nor the customary rest in peace poster Starz normally post.

Something else which raised eyebrows was the fact Ghost never appeared in Tariq‘s Hallucination sequence in Sea 2, but the rest of Tariq’s murders and guilty conscious death were.

So it goes without saying, the relationship with Tariq St. Patrick’s is one which was highly complexed, and although he showed no remorse in killing his father, at first anyway, it is something that has somewhat changed over the course of the series.

But moment led him to visits Ghost’s grave in season 1, where in the background we not only see someone lurking and watching Tariq, but also an ambulance driving by and power fans will know Ghost had his own ambulance, which is also a spear theory we’ll be covering in this story series, along with uncle Gabe’s role, Romona and many others

But Power are known for dropping hints and foreshadows that can come to fruition late in the series, so did they leave us some bread crumbs at Ghost’s grave?

which could tie into a huge reveal in the future, because after all, you can’t kill a ghost.

Which does bring us onto the theory of Tariq digging up his father’s grave and finding an empty casket, but first, why would Tariq contemplate digging up Ghost’s grave?  Ghost has made several moves since his death.

He’s forced Tariq to go to college and locked his inheritance until he graduates… but most notably, he thought as far as to having a letter ready if Tariq was ever arrested for murder, and let’s just say, it wasn’t a pleasant letter.

But that’s not all, Ghost had Yasmin adopted with her last changed, with the records sealed, which did make Tariq ponder for a moment, my father put all this in place before he died? And so with that being said, one can only imagine Ghost definitely has more moves up his sleeve and if he continues to be 5 moves ahead of his son, then at what point will Tariq begin to ponder, is my father even deal

which is what could eventually lead Tariq St. Patrick‘s to digging up James ‘GHOST’ St. Patrick‘s grave and finding an empty casket.

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