Summer Walker Welcomes Her New Twin Babies

Summer Walker Welcomes Her New Twin Babies Into The World

Summer Walker’s family has grown by two, not just one.

Over the holidays, the R&B artist gave birth to twins. She stated that she gave delivery at home after a lengthy seven hours in an Instagram post that has since been deleted.

Family members, “spirit guides,” and her baby daddy LVRD Pharoh aka Larry were by her side throughout the entire natural birth, which was captured on social media.

“I’m so proud of myself. Just sharing to inspire other women cause I know once you carry twins to almost 42 weeks especially with (one breech) people will try to steer you towards induction or c section (which there’s nothing wrong with these I just didn’t want it for myself),” she wrote on her on IG.

“You can do it, this was my second home birth all natural 7 hrs. no tearing & I couldn’t of done it without my spirit guides, Godparents, birth team, my elders, & the best dad doula ever Larry lol, he was so hands on the whole time I was really impressed it wasn’t easy but it gets done,” she stated.

The 26-year-old singer announced her pregnancy back in June, but it was kept a secret that she was carrying twins.