Snoop Dogg Wants To Be Twitter’s CEO

Snoop Dogg Wants To Be Twitter’s CEO

Getting poised to take over Twitter is Snoop Dogg.

The rap icon posted a poll on Sunday asking people if they thought he ought to take over as CEO of the social networking site.

Nearly 2.5 million individuals had responded as of Monday morning, with an astounding 81 percent choosing the D-O-Double-G to be CEO. There are still a few hours remaining in the poll.

Snoop started the poll after Twitter founder Musk asked Twitter users if he should “step down as head of Twitter” in his own poll. There were over 17 million votes cast, and the final results were 57.5% in favor and 42.5% against.

Musk declared that he will follow the outcome of the poll, which started on Sunday night.

Chaos accompanied Musk’s purchase of Twitter. Mass layoffs have occurred since he was appointed CEO, and journalists who cover him have been suspended. Additionally, he reinstated accounts that had been suspended for breaking Twitter’s rules.

“ima deactivate twitter forever and go to a new social where it’s more good vibes based off building, creating and motivation!” Meek wrote in an Instagram Story. “Whoever run my shit turn this off forever … ima takeover my YouTube account to replace me interacting with supports! Too many bots and weird people.”