Nick Cannon Says it’s God’s calling to have kids cause he has Magic Sperm

Nick Cannon Says it’s God’s calling to have kids cause he has Magic Sperm

  1. The Wild ‘n Out Host Embraces His Expanding Brood and Reveals Surprising Details

In a candid interview on The Language of Love with Dr. Laura Berman podcast, Nick Cannon, the popular TV host and father of 12, shared his belief that his remarkable fertility is a result of “magic sperm” and a divine calling from God to have children. Cannon’s unwavering commitment to expanding his family has raised eyebrows, but he remains resolute in his conviction.

When asked if God instructed him to have so many children, Cannon responded, “Only God can let me know when I’m done.” It seems that he is open to the possibility of even more children in the future, as he awaits a clear sign from a higher power.

Surprisingly, Cannon revealed that the majority of his children were not planned, despite his openness to fatherhood. Expressing his amazement at his growing brood, he admitted, “If you would have told me in 2012… that I would have 12 children, I would be like f**k out of here!”

Dr. Berman playfully suggested that Cannon’s ability to father children so effortlessly could be attributed to his “magic sperm.” Cannon agreed, sharing that some of the mothers of his children conceived while using birth control. He considers these unexpected pregnancies as miracles, further solidifying his belief in a divine hand at work.

Drawing parallels to the biblical story of Abraham, Cannon hinted at great things to come from his offspring, saying, “You’re a great influence, your lineage, your offspring are going to do great things.” While he acknowledges that he has never received explicit clarity like Abraham, he feels a sense of purpose in being a father to many.

Nick Cannon’s journey as a father has taken unexpected turns, and his unwavering belief in his unique fertility and divine purpose is a captivating story. With each new addition to his family, the host continues to defy expectations and embrace the blessings that come his way.