Nas Ft. 50 Cent – Office Hours

Nas feat. 50 Cent – Office Hours (Official Audio)

Grammy-Award Winning Rap Icon Nas Returns with Magic 2

Nas, the renowned rap icon, has made a triumphant comeback with his latest album, ‘Magic 2.’ Produced by his long-time collaborator Hit-Boy, the album boasts 10 brand new tracks, each showcasing Nas’ signature style and lyrical prowess. Among the highlights of the album is the powerful track titled “Office Hours,” featuring none other than the legendary rapper 50 Cent.

The much-anticipated “Office Hours” delivers a hard-hitting and infectious beat that serves as the perfect backdrop for Nas and 50 Cent’s impeccable flow. Both artists effortlessly deliver captivating verses, reminiscing about their hustling days and shedding light on the challenges and successes they encountered during their journey to the top of the rap game.

In this collaboration, Nas and 50 Cent prove once again why they are considered true rap titans, showcasing their storytelling abilities and charismatic presence on the mic. The synergy between the two artists is evident, and their chemistry shines through as they exchange dynamic bars, leaving listeners eager for more.

‘Magic 2′ serves as a testament to Nas’ enduring influence on the rap scene, reinforcing his status as a true pioneer in the industry. With Hit-Boy’s masterful production and the exceptional features from 50 Cent and 21 Savage, the album encapsulates the essence of classic hip-hop while effortlessly maintaining a contemporary edge.