Megan Thee Stallion Testifies Against Tory Lanez ‘I Wish He Would’ve Just K*lled Me’

Megan Thee Stallion took the stand on the second day of the shooting trial regarding Tory Lanez.

During her emotional testimony on Tuesday, the San Antonio, Texas, rapper recalled what passed off at the nighttime of July 12 as the 2 left Kylie Jenner’s pool party and rode in an SUV with Megan’s buddy Kelsey Harris.

According to TMZ, Megan began by identifying Lanez within side the courtroom and stated she hadn’t regarded him “that long” earlier than the shooting.

Later on the savage rapper was asked if she was okay or “nervous,” by the DA she responded, “I just don’t feel good. I can’t believe I have to come up here and do this.”

When they left Kylie’s party, Megan stated Tory “had an attitude” due to the fact he wasn’t prepared to leave. She became in the front seat of the car at the same time as Kelsey and Tory sat in the back before Tory brought up their relationship.

“Tory says, ‘You need to stop lying to your friend.’ He had an attitude, and for whatever reason, he added, ‘You need to stop lying to your friend,’” Megan said.

“Because I knew Kelsey had a crush on Tory, I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, and I didn’t want her to know that I had dealt with him in any kind of way. So he knew I didn’t want her to know that. I didn’t want anybody to know,” she said. “Now Kelsey got an attitude because he was implying we were hiding something from her.”

Megan additionally defined the aftermath of the shooting and the way tough it’s been to address the misogyny and slut-shaming from Tory’s supporters.

Tory, who has pleaded not guilty to three felony charges, listened quietly all through Megan’s testimony and took notes. His son become seated in the back of him, wearing a suit. If convicted as charged, the Canadian rapper faces 22 years and 8 months in jail and viable deportation.

Megan Thee Stallion‘s Fans also showed up to show support with a banner saying “We stand with Megan.”