Lizzo Responds to Allegations Made by Former Backup Dancers, Calls Them “Unbelievable”

Lizzo Responds to Allegations Made by Former Backup Dancers, Calls Them “Unbelievable”

In the wake of being sued by three of her former backup dancers who accused her of sexual harassment, Grammy-winning singer Lizzo has broken her silence, denouncing the allegations as “unbelievable.” The singer took to social media to address the claims made against her for the first time since the lawsuit surfaced.

In a statement posted on Thursday, Lizzo expressed her devastation upon hearing the “fabricated claims” made by her former employees. She emphasized that these were individuals to whom she had provided opportunities in the past. Lizzo strongly denied the allegations, referring to them as sensationalized stories.

Moreover, Lizzo revealed that her former employees had previously acknowledged being informed about their inappropriate and unprofessional behavior while on tour. The singer highlighted her decision to typically refrain from responding to false allegations but felt compelled to address these particular claims due to their outrageous nature.

Despite being hurt by the allegations, Lizzo asserted her commitment to not letting these accusations overshadow the positive impact of her work in the world. She extended gratitude to everyone who had reached out to support her during this challenging time.

The lawsuit was filed by Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez, who are former backup dancers of Lizzo. According to the court documents, the women claim that Lizzo subjected them to uncomfortable situations during their tour in Amsterdam and Paris earlier this year. They alleged that the singer pressured them to engage with sex performers at a venue known for its explicit shows involving patrons eating bananas from performers’ vaginas.

The news of the lawsuit has garnered attention, even reaching other prominent figures like Beyoncé, who seemed to allude to the situation during her “Renaissance” tour concert in Boston, where she noticeably refrained from mentioning Lizzo by name in the lyrics of one of her songs.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the music industry and fans alike are closely watching how the situation will develop. Lizzo’s statement aims to defend her reputation and assert her position in response to the allegations made against her.