VIDEO: Lil Durk – Old Days

VIDEO: Lil Durk – Old Days

Lil Durk’s latest track, “Old Days,” serves as a raw and introspective look into his personal struggles and experiences. Produced by Southside, this song marks the Chicago rapper’s debut offering from his upcoming project Love Songs 4 The Streets 3.

Durk opens up about his past battle with addiction, candidly admitting to abusing drugs and selling Percs. He reflects on the nostalgia of “the old days” while acknowledging the destructive path he was on: “I miss the old days, the old ways, my history iconic / I was takin’ so many pills, I was so high, I really abused it / Started sellin’ Percs, I turned around and started to use it.”

The track takes a poignant turn as Durk addresses the painful loss of his friend King Von, recounting the trauma of seeing Von’s autopsy photos leaked online: “The autopsy of Von body had me coughin’ up my vomit.”

In the outro, Durk delivers a powerful message about the current state of street politics, urging listeners to prioritize their safety and the well-being of their loved ones amidst the chaos: “Now you got real street niggas that want motherfuckers in jail, so we into it with the opps, which is the police … You just gotta protect yourself, protect your family, who you love. You can’t be around all this shit, this shit ain’t the same no more.”

“Old Days” showcases Lil Durk’s ability to blend vulnerability with authenticity, offering listeners a glimpse into his journey of growth and self-reflection amidst life’s challenges.