Lil Durk Releases “F*ck U Thought” on “Almost Healed (Deluxe)”

Lil Durk – F*CK U THOUGHT (Official Audio)

Lil Durk has dropped a new track titled “”F*ck U Thought”,” which is featured on the “Almost Healed (Deluxe)” edition of his album. Produced by Chopsquad DJ, the song showcases Durk’s signature style and lyrical prowess. The official audio of the track is now available for fans to listen to.

In “F U Thought,” Lil Durk addresses various topics with his trademark delivery. He reflects on his experiences with money, loyalty, and competition in the rap game. The lyrics mention providing financial support, facing betrayal, and asserting his place among other rappers. Durk’s verses demonstrate his confidence and determination in the face of challenges.

Lil Durk’s unique flow and wordplay, combined with Chopsquad DJ’s production, contribute to the overall vibe of the song. “Fck U Thought” is likely to resonate with fans who appreciate Durk’s honest and unfiltered approach to his music.

The track’s inclusion on the “Almost Healed (Deluxe)” edition offers fans even more content to enjoy from Lil Durk’s project. As the song gains attention and listens, it’s expected to add to the artist’s discography and connect with his dedicated fanbase.

As with many of Lil Durk’s tracks, “F-ck U Thought” is likely to generate discussions and interpretations among listeners, further highlighting the impact of his music in the rap scene.