Lil Baby Lost $600,000 After Playing a game With Meek Mill and Drake

Lil Baby Lost $600,000 Immediately after Playing a game With Meek Mill and Drake in the Bahamas

With a reported net worth of $8 million, Atlanta rapper Lil Baby is making sure the bag is getting bigger.

Early this year Lil baby was reported to have a net worth of 5 million but after dropping his latest album he addressed that on his new album It’s Only Me, calling cap on the search results and claiming he had $5 million just in cash.

However, a recent game excursion cost the 4PF (Four Pockets Full) head man a whopping 600 stacks.

On October 25, 2022, during an interview on Complex’s 360 covered by DRIP-MUSIC-TV With Speedy Morman, Lil Baby brought up the $600,000 loss he made while gambling in the Bahamas with James Harden, Drake, Meek Mill and Mike Rubin.