Lil Baby Faces Criticism for Song Preview as Twitter Roasts Him

Lil Baby Faces Criticism for Song Preview as Twitter Roasts Him

Lil Baby, the popular rapper, has found himself at the receiving end of Twitter’s criticism after sharing a preview of his upcoming song. This backlash comes on the heels of reports that several of Baby’s shows were canceled due to low ticket sales.

Fans on Twitter wasted no time in roasting Lil Baby’s song preview, expressing their disappointment with the familiar flow and lack of originality. Some users even joked that if they were Baby’s A&R (Artists and Repertoire), they would simply release the same album with different title tracks, as they believe it would go unnoticed.

While some fans struggled to understand Baby’s lyrics, others questioned his effort and called for him to showcase more creativity in his music. Some fans defended him, noting that if people hadn’t hyped him up throughout his career, he would still be considered talented today.

DJ Akademiks, a prominent music commentator, also joined in the discussion, acknowledging the criticism and offering advice to Lil Baby. He mentioned that fans seemed to be turning on him, drawing parallels to what happened with another rapper, DaBaby. Akademiks emphasized the importance of cultivating a loyal fanbase and cautioned against getting involved with certain individuals publicly, as it could impact his public image.

Furthermore, Akademiks advised Lil Baby to distance himself from Michael Rubin, as their association was generating negative perceptions online. He suggested that this could harm Baby’s appeal to fickle rap fans, who need a particular image and narrative to buy into an artist’s music.

The criticism on Twitter reflects the diverse opinions of fans and observers, with some expressing their disappointment in Lil Baby’s previewed song, while others defend his talent and previous work. As with any artist, it remains to be seen how Lil Baby will respond to the feedback and whether he will address the concerns raised by his critics.