King Von Was Shot & K_lled 3 Years Ago on This Day

King Von Was Shot & K_lled 3 Years Ago on This Day

It’s been three years since the tragic incident that claimed the life of the up-and-coming Chicago-born rapper, Dayvon Bennett, who was widely known as King Von. The incident occurred outside an Atlanta club and ended in a confrontation that escalated into gunfire. Here are the details of the incident:

On that fateful day, two off-duty Atlanta police officers were working an extra job at a local hookah lounge. They witnessed a heated argument between two groups of men outside the establishment around 3:20 a.m. The argument quickly turned violent, resulting in gunfire between the two groups.

The off-duty officers, along with an on-duty APD officer patrolling nearby, confronted the shooters, and shots were exchanged during the encounter with the police.

As a result of the gunfire, three individuals were transported to the hospital via EMS with gunshot wounds, while three others were taken to the hospital in private vehicles. Two additional people were detained at the scene. Tragically, three of the gunshot victims succumbed to their injuries, while three others were still receiving medical treatment at the hospital. Fortunately, the officers involved in the incident were unharmed.

Rumors had circulated regarding King Von’s death, with some claiming he was killed by police gunfire. However, APD officials clarified that their investigators believed King Von was shot during the initial shootout between the two groups before the police arrived on the scene and attempted to intervene.

The loss of King Von was deeply felt in the music community, and celebrities such as LeBron James and fellow Chicago rapper Chance The Rapper expressed their condolences to King Von and his family on social media, reflecting the impact of his untimely passing on the world of hip-hop.