Kendrick Lamar Praises 50 Cent’s Impact on Music: A Perspective-Changing Jewel

Kendrick Lamar Praises 50 Cent’s Impact on Music: A Perspective-Changing Jewel

Kendrick Lamar Praises 50 Cent for Inspiring Perspective and Duality in Music

In a candid conversation for Interview Magazine, Kendrick Lamar and Nigerian singer Tems delved into music, creativity, and artistic influence. During the interview, Kendrick Lamar shared his admiration for 50 Cent, revealing how the G-Unit mogul’s words once profoundly impacted his perspective on music and life.

Reflecting on the early stages of his career, Kendrick expressed how he used to closely study 50 Cent’s music and interviews. He recalled a particular “jewel” that 50 Cent dropped, which left a lasting impression on him. According to Kendrick, when asked if he considered himself a conscious artist, 50 Cent responded, “Yeah, I’m a conscious artist because I have a conscience.” This statement resonated deeply with Kendrick and changed his outlook on music and duality.

Kendrick emphasized how this insight from 50 Cent offered a new understanding of projecting duality in artistry. He saw it as a reflection of life’s complexities and appreciated how 50 Cent’s perspective aligned with his own beliefs. He noted that hearing another artist share such sentiments provided a sense of confirmation and camaraderie.

While Kendrick Lamar and 50 Cent collaborated on the track “We Up” in 2013, their connection extends beyond music. Over the years, they’ve encountered each other multiple times and have shared mutual admiration. In 2013, 50 Cent commended Kendrick’s ability to exude confidence without arrogance, recognizing their distinct artistic identities.

In addition to their musical interaction, Kendrick Lamar made a cameo appearance on 50 Cent’s STARZ show “Power” in 2018. The two artists also shared the stage during Dr. Dre’s historic Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show, showcasing their unity within the hip-hop community.

Kendrick Lamar’s candid revelation about 50 Cent’s influence sheds light on the interconnectedness and mutual respect that often define the relationships between artists. As the interview showcases, these moments of inspiration and camaraderie contribute to the richness and depth of the music industry.