Jack Harlow says he’s not bothered by Machine Gun Kelly dissing him on the ‘Renegade’ freestyle

Jack Harlow Remains Unfazed by Machine Gun Kelly’s “Renegade” Freestyle Diss

In a recent episode of the Rap Radar Podcast, Jack Harlow responded to Machine Gun Kelly’s diss on the “Renegade” freestyle, showcasing his nonchalant attitude towards the verbal attack. Harlow, who had previously chosen not to respond immediately, finally shared his thoughts on the matter.

During the podcast, Harlow was asked about his reaction to MGK’s diss, to which he replied, “How do you take it in? I guess you just f**king take it.” He acknowledged that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and expressed his confidence in his own abilities. Harlow stated, “I feel great about what I said, and I feel great about the reaction. It just is what it is.”

Harlow went on to explain that the controversial verse in question was a stream-of-consciousness expression of his self-confidence as an artist. He emphasized that as an MC, boasting and talking his sh*t is not a new concept for him. Harlow stated, “I’m an MC. I’m talking my sh*t. This is not a new concept to feel yourself. I feel no reservations about what was said at all.”

Machine Gun Kelly’s diss on the “Renegade” freestyle was likely triggered by Harlow’s claim that he is the hardest white rapper since Eminem. On his latest album, “Jackman,” Harlow rapped, “Ya boy’s strivin’ to be the most dominant ever / The hardest White boy since the one who rapped about vomit and sweaters” on the track “They Don’t Love It.” MGK’s lyrics aimed to criticize Harlow for allegedly copying Drake’s flow and challenge his claim as the hardest white rapper.

Despite the shots fired by Machine Gun Kelly, Jack Harlow remains unaffected and stands by his statements. As the young rapper continues to navigate the music industry, it is clear that he is not easily swayed by criticisms and maintains his confidence in his own abilities and artistic expression.

It remains to be seen if Machine Gun Kelly will respond further to Jack Harlow’s nonchalant attitude, but for now, Harlow seems determined to stay focused on his own path and continue making his mark in the rap scene.