J. Cole Addresses NBA YoungBoy Beef Rumors, & Wants to Do A Song with him

J. Cole Addresses NBA YoungBoy Beef Rumors, & Wants to Do A Song with him

J. Cole has taken a moment to address the rumored beef with NBA YoungBoy and has made it clear that he still hopes to collaborate with the Baton Rouge rapper.

The Dreamville boss has been making waves with his guest verses and has recently joined forces with longtime friend Drake for their first collaboration in over a decade. The track, titled “First Person Shooter,” is part of Drake’s new album, “For All The Dogs.”

In his verse on the track, J. Cole addresses the NBA YoungBoy situation, rapping, “Ni–as so thirsty to put me in beef / Dissectin’ my words and start lookin’ too deep / I look at the tweets and start s–kin’ my teeth / I’m lettin’ it rock ’cause I love the mystique.”

He goes on to express his ongoing desire for a collaboration with NBA YoungBoy, stating, “I still wanna get me a song with YB / Can’t trust everything that you saw on IG / Just know if I diss you, I’d make sure you know that I hit you like I’m on your caller ID.”

The rumored tension between J. Cole and NBA YoungBoy dates back to 2021 when reports suggested that YoungBoy had kept J. Cole waiting for over 8 hours in the studio before ultimately not showing up. DJ Akademiks had commented on the situation, saying, “J. Cole waited in the studio for eight hours for Youngboy to show up. Youngboy didn’t show up. Facts. These are facts. Your favorite rapper, ni–a. J. Cole? He sat in the studio for eight hours for a session with Youngboy. Youngboy never showed up.”

J. Cole’s recent statement suggests that despite any past issues, he remains open to the idea of collaborating with NBA YoungBoy in the future, indicating a desire to bridge any perceived gaps between them.