Fans think A$AP Rocky dissed Drake in a leaked song

A$AP Rocky’s Leaked Song Ignites Speculation of Drake Diss

Fans of the hip-hop world are buzzing with speculation after a leaked song by A$AP Rocky surfaced, containing what appears to be direct shots at fellow rapper Drake. In the unreleased track, A$AP Rocky can be heard delivering fiery lyrics that seem to accuse Drake of imitating his flow and style.

The contentious lines that have fans talking go as follows: “First you stole my flow, so I stole your b*tch / Then you stole my style, I need at least like 10 percent / All due disrespect, I hope you take offense.”

As news of the leaked song spread, fans took to social media to share their interpretations and theories about the possible feud between the two prominent artists. Many were quick to analyze the lyrics, suggesting that A$AP Rocky is taking aim at Drake for allegedly copying elements of his artistic identity.

The perceived shots in the leaked song have added fuel to the ongoing debates about originality and inspiration in the music industry. While some fans see it as a potential rap feud brewing, others remain cautious, urging against making assumptions until both artists address the matter directly.

As of now, neither A$AP Rocky nor Drake has made any public statements regarding the leaked track or the supposed diss. It remains to be seen how this situation will unfold and whether it will escalate into a full-blown rivalry between the two chart-topping rappers.

For now, fans are eagerly waiting for an official response from both artists to shed light on the meaning behind the controversial lyrics and whether there’s any truth to the alleged feud. As the hip-hop community watches closely, the future interactions between A$AP Rocky and Drake will undoubtedly be closely scrutinized by fans and critics alike.