Fans React to Burna Boy’s Claim That J. Cole Called Him “African 2Pac”

Fans React to Burna Boy’s Claim That J. Cole Called Him “African 2Pac”

A clip from Elliott Wilson and B. Dot Miller’s “Rap Radar Podcast,” featuring Burna Boy, has gone viral, sparking reactions from fans. In the podcast snippet, Burna Boy discussed his time with J. Cole in the studio, sharing that they had wide-ranging conversations. Surprisingly, he closed the story by asserting that J. Cole referred to him as the “African 2Pac” in front of others.

This interview follows Burna Boy’s recent statement on Apple Music’s Zane Lowe show, where he expressed admiration for J. Cole. He said, “The truth is often hidden, you know, but when you come across it, and you are a person of truth yourself, you can’t help but recognize it.” He went on to explain that his connection with J. Cole was about recognizing that truth.

Fans on social media had varying reactions to this intriguing comparison. One Twitter user commented, “J. Cole needs to tell us what he was on to say Burna Boy sounds like 2Pac, though. They must be HIGH like mad for those statements.” They humorously shared a personal anecdote about comparisons. Another fan speculated, “I’m guessing weed & liquor were involved.”

While some fans poked fun at J. Cole for his recent history of bold claims, others expressed gratitude that the two artists collaborated on the track “Thanks,” which is featured on Burna Boy’s new album, “I Told Them…”

The unexpected collaboration between Burna Boy and J. Cole has generated a mix of excitement, curiosity, and amusement among fans