Drake – ‘Scary Hours Edition’ EP

Drake – ‘For All The Dogs: Scary Hours Edition’

Drake, the chart-topping Canadian rapper, has once again surprised fans with a brand new EP titled “For All The Dogs: Scary Hours Edition.” This release follows his recent album “For All The Dogs” and serves as a sequel to the 2021 “Scary Hours 2” EP, marking Drake’s first project in 2018.

The EP consists of six tracks, featuring a notable guest appearance from J. Cole on the song “Evil Ways.” This collaboration comes just over a month after their joint effort on the Hot 100 number 1 hit “First Person Shooter.”

In a trailer discussing the project, Drake expressed his confidence in the body of work he has just released, stating, “I feel no need to appease anybody.” He described a sense of assurance and mentioned the unique creative process behind the EP, noting that he feels a level of inspiration reminiscent of his earlier work, particularly “If You’re Reading This.”

“I feel like I’m on drugs,” Drake remarked about his mental state during the creation of the songs. He highlighted the spontaneity of the process, revealing that he wrote the entire EP in the last five days without having a single bar written down on the night “For All The Dolls” dropped.

Drake’s ability to create impactful music seemingly effortlessly and his openness about his creative process continue to captivate fans. “For All The Dogs: Scary Hours Edition” is poised to make waves in the music industry, solidifying Drake’s position as a trendsetter and prolific artist. As fans eagerly absorb the new tracks, Drake’s confident and spontaneous approach to his craft remains a hallmark of his artistic journey.