Doja Cat’s “Demons” Single Sparks Controversy as Fans Claim it Sounds Like Baby Keem

Doja Cat’s “Demons” Single Sparks Controversy as Fans Claim it Sounds Like Baby Keem

Doja Cat’s latest single, “Demons,” which was released on September 1, is making waves for both its streaming success and its controversial content. While the song has broken streaming records on its first day on Spotify, it has also sparked debate among fans.

The controversy began when the cover art for the single was unveiled, featuring devil-inspired imagery. This visual aesthetic raised eyebrows and drew mixed reactions from social media users. Top Dawg Entertainment music executive Punch even commented on the matter, stating, “The demonic influence is getting more and more blatant in this thing. The gradualism was numbing; now it’s just out loud.” He seemed to allude to the response to Doja Cat’s new cover art.

Following the release of “Demons,” Baby Keem’s name began trending on social media as fans claimed that Doja Cat adopted much of his style on her new track. Baby Keem is renowned for his distinctive flow and unique style, which is easily recognizable when imitated. In the rap-leaning single, Doja manipulates her voice in a manner reminiscent of Keem’s early tracks.

One social media user remarked, “Right. Like babe, this is Baby Keem’s entire sound and flow. Sounds like it could’ve been on his first album.” Another Twitter user stated, “Y’all were not lying when y’all said this was just dollar store Baby Keem.” Shortly after, another fan commented, “Just saw/heard this for the first time, and my immediate reaction is why Doja Cat has decided she wants to be a worse Baby Keem.”

Doja Cat’s career is rapidly evolving, and she is increasingly becoming a polarizing figure in popular culture. Recently, she went viral for expressing her frustration with fans on social media, resulting in a reported loss of over 500,000 followers. The release of the “Demons” music video has further fueled discussions about her work.

To watch the controversial “Demons” music video, check it out here.

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