Doja Cat Says Her New Album Will Be ‘Rap Only,’ She Is Done Making Pop Music

Doja Cat Says Her New Album Will Be ‘Rap Only,’ She Is Done Making Pop Music

Doja Cat is shaking things up in her musical career as she announces her departure from pop music and her renewed focus on rap. The Grammy-winning artist took to Twitter to inform her fans that she no longer finds pop music exciting and wants to focus solely on rapping.

The announcement sparked a conversation among her followers, with some questioning whether she felt pressured to make the switch. Doja was quick to shut down any such speculation and made it clear that she was making the move entirely out of her own desire to try something new.

While some fans expressed concerns about her rap skills, Doja was determined to prove her critics wrong with her new music. She acknowledged that some of her previous rap verses might have been mediocre, but she promised that her upcoming tracks would be much better and more impressive.

The artist also teased some of the tracks that she has been working on for her next project, which will be a rap-only album. Some of the titles include “Wet Vagina,” “Balut,” and “Agora Hills.” She previously revealed that the album would be called “Hellmouth” and would take a more masculine direction than her previous album, “Planet Her.”

Doja’s decision to switch from pop to rap is a bold move that demonstrates her willingness to experiment with different genres and push herself creatively. It will be exciting to see what kind of music she comes up with and how her fans will respond to this new direction in her career.