DJ Akademiks Calls Out Lil Baby For A One on One Fight: “I Will Choke You To Death”

DJ Akademiks Challenges Lil Baby to a one-on-one fight: “I Will Choke You To Death”

DJ Akademiks Challenges the 4PF boss Lil Baby For a one on one fight, Akademiks mocked Lil Baby for dissing him on the “It’s Only Me” album and referred to as him with the name “Short Bus Baby”.

The social media character keeps to throw sun sunglasses on the rapper as he now challenged him to a battle.

The clip went viral after he stated “I will fight Lil Baby for free or for money,” Akademiks said. “I just wanna get in the ring with him. You ain’t got no 4PF, ni**a. I will choke you to death…..” He said “I will punch you in your face. You’re not doing sh*t. Stop it. You’re a f**king retarded rapper, you can’t do sh*t. Stop it. Who gon’ stand on that?”

He then later continued, “I’m putting this out on public media, ni**a. If Lil Baby really thought it was some sh*t, he’d be like, ‘Yo Ak, this really get into it.’ I’ve said this sh*t mad times, have you heard any rapper say, ‘Yo Ak, well f**k it then, let’s get it in.’ Not one of these ni**as, bro. Not one of them.” “If Lil Baby even hinted at it, ni**a, I’d be like, ‘Let’s go. Let’s go, ni**a,’”

This came to light after the rapper dissed DJ Akademiks on his previous album “It’s Only Me” on track 13
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