Daev Zambia Posthumous Album Title Reviewed


Daev Zambia‘s debut album is set for release posthumously on August 7th. The album title is “G.F.M” which is short form of “God Family Music” according to hints from Slap Dee and Stash’s posts on their respective Facebook pages.

A month ago, King Dizzo posted the XYZ album roll out plan which had the album release dates and supposed album titles.

The album title for Daev Zambia was just abbreviated as “G.M.F” and in a recent Facebook post on Stash expressed his emotions and how much he misses Daev as he was working on a project intended to be on the aforementioned album.

In the same post by Stash, a hash tag “God Family Music” was used to imply that will be Daev’s album title.