“After Michael Jackson, Chris Brown is the best we have here” – 50 cent

“After Michael Jackson, Chris Brown is the best we have here, but since no one will tell, I have to do it myself” – 50 cent

50 Cent Reignites Debate: Chris Brown as the New King of Pop?

In a move sure to spark heated discussions, rapper and actor 50 Cent has once again declared that Chris Brown is the new “King of Pop,” a title famously held by the late Michael Jackson. 50 Cent took to Instagram to share an image portraying Michael Jackson removing his crown and handing it to Chris Brown, symbolizing the passing of the torch.

The controversial post was accompanied by a caption in which 50 Cent lauded Chris Brown as “the best we got out here.” This isn’t the first time 50 Cent has made such a statement; he expressed a similar opinion in August 2019, boldly asserting that Chris Brown had surpassed Michael Jackson.

The debate over whether Chris Brown could legitimately inherit the title of “King of Pop” has divided fans and the music industry. Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael Jackson, once defended her father in response to 50 Cent’s earlier comments. She argued that true legends, like her father, don’t need to exert excessive energy to capture an audience’s attention. She emphasized the power of stillness, asserting that there is more strength in it than many might understand.

In a characteristically 50 Cent response, the rapper made a playful reference to the infamous Michael Jackson HBO documentary, “Leaving Neverland,” adding humor to the ongoing debate.

As fans continue to express their opinions on social media, the question of whether Chris Brown can truly claim the title of “King of Pop” remains a topic of lively discussion in the music world.