’50 Cent must cast a Nigerian in Hushpuppi series’ – Fan Opinion

’50 Cent must cast a Nigerian in Hushpuppi series’ – Fan Opinion

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American rapper, actor, businessman and film producer 50 Cent revealed that he will produce a movie series on jailed Nigerian fraudster, Hushpuppi.

The notorious Instagram influencer from Nigeria was ailed for more than 11 years in the US for his role in an international fraud syndicate.

But a letter from Tobore Ovuorie a Nigerian citizen emailed our media a letter to 50 cent….

Dear 50 Cent,

I wish this letter unearths you nicely and you’re as much as a terrific begin this week. If so, doxology.

Five days ago, a colleague dispatched this to me on WhatsApp: “For my scammers, I gotta try this one. Hushpuppi collection coming soon! GLG GreenLightGang. I do not miss,” and attributed it to you.

He observed it with a telecellsmartphone name excitedly informing me you’ll be generating a film collection on jailed Nigerian fraudster, Ramon Abbas, popularly called Hushpuppi.

“It’s a lie!” I spilled the juice I changed into sipping whilst having a overdue lunch. I actually have quietly watched and studied Hushpuppi from afar ⁠— thru social media screens ⁠— and I dare say, with a lot amazement. However, a film collection on him? I burst into laughter and ran on your Instagram web page for fact-checking.

Lo and behold, greater than 5,000 of my fellow Nigerians had been already there on my first visit. By my subsequent visit ⁠— whilst the brilliant skies had given manner to pitch darkness ⁠— there had been already over 11,000 Nigerians gushing, debating, and cussing themselves to your page.

What stuck my interest of their debates changed into which you have to forged a Nigerian actor on your upcoming Hushpuppi series.

Honestly, it’s now no longer a tall order, methinks.

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  1. 50 Cent, a Hollywood series, is supposed to depict the life of a con artist with such flamboyance notoriety. After all, this is an Instagram influencer who boasts nearly three million followers and one who supposedly attempted to launder $12.4 million (€12 million) that a group North Korean hackers stole from the Maltese Bank Of Valtelta. The cybercrime nearly brought the European island into turmoil when payment networks shut down. So, I think a Nigerian actor playing Hushpuppipulls you back to reality.
  2. Sorry to inform you that doing otherwise would be pretty low and horrendous. For starters, I believe the character who will play Hushppuppi must have a credible physical resemblance with Hushppuppi — although slightly. A must-never-forget-it is the size of his belly. It must be round-enough to stretch his Gucci and Louis Vuitton and other designer clothes that he was famous for.
  3. The chosen character should have the hushpuppi miens: a very calm smile given through red lips devoid of any malicious or devilish appearance. Hushpuppipillarly is a sweet guy, a party animal, ever smiling and generous.
  4. He scammed others — mainly the rich — and gave some of his illicit gains to his fans, who were predominantly struggling and hustling folks. In other words, this was to some people, a Nigerian “robbing hood.” According to a local publication, 2 imams reportedly appealed for mercy, noting that Hushppuppi often supported widows and orphans, and donated to food programs. No doubt, Hushppuppi was cunning.
  5. Stealing 1.9 million people worldwide is no easy feat — but he was never and will not be violent. Having studied him so long, I tellyou with absolute certainty that he has this peculiar gentleness while carrying himself and his luggage full of millions of dollars. Your selected character should have this, along with plenty of Nigerian actors who can portray him convincingly. Also, did you see his interview with his friend after he got sentenced to 11 years in jail? How he spoke with this gentle, innocent, goofy laugh despite being behind bars for so long. So, kindly avoid choosing a hard-looking- and mafia-kind personality for this role.


Thanks for your time.


Tobore Ovuorie


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