50 Cent Fires Back at Nick Cannon’s “Fat” Comment, Asserts His Confidence and Faith in God

50 Cent Fires Back at Nick Cannon’s “Fat” Comment, Asserts His Confidence and Faith in God

In a recent exchange of playful banter, rapper and entrepreneur Nick Cannon took a light-hearted jab at fellow rapper 50 Cent, referring to him as “fat” on “The Daily Cannon Show.” However, 50 Cent wasted no time in responding to Cannon’s comment, firing back with a strong message.

Taking to Instagram, 50 Cent shared a photo accompanied by a caption that read, “It’s never luck, it’s always God.” The rapper, known for his self-assured demeanor, made it clear that he attributes his success to a higher power. The post also included a reference to his ongoing “The Final Lap” tour, conveying a sense of determination and focus on his upcoming endeavors.

Furthermore, 50 Cent addressed individuals who may attempt to use his name as part of their marketing campaigns. He asserted, “If your marketing campaign is saying something about 50, you’re not going to make it.” This statement appears to underscore 50 Cent’s belief in maintaining his own brand integrity and avoiding associations with opportunistic endeavors.

The exchange between Nick Cannon and 50 Cent highlights the playful nature of their relationship and their ability to engage in light-hearted banter. While both artists are known for their witty remarks, this instance also serves as a reminder of the confidence and unwavering faith in God that 50 Cent holds as central to his life and career.

As fans eagerly await further updates on “The Final Lap” tour, it remains to be seen if Nick Cannon will respond to 50 Cent’s comeback. Nevertheless, this exchange demonstrates the dynamic nature of the rap industry and the camaraderie that can exist alongside friendly competition.

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