50 Cent & Busta Rhymes Receives custom made WWE Championship Belt

50 Cent & Busta Rhymes Receives custom made WWE Championship Belt after selling 1 Million tickets of “The Final Lap Tour”

50 Cent and Busta Rhymes Receive Custom WWE Championship Belts for Selling 1 Million Tickets on “The Final Lap Tour”

In celebration of their remarkable achievement of selling over 1 million tickets for “The Final Lap Tour,” 50 Cent and Busta Rhymes were honored with custom-made WWE Championship belts. This special recognition comes as a testament to their successful careers and the significant impact they have made in the music industry.

The tour, which marks the 20th anniversary of 50 Cent’s debut album “Get Rich or Die Trying,” has seen immense success, with 94 shows held across 24 countries. The tour’s widespread popularity and impressive ticket sales are a testament to the enduring appeal of 50 Cent’s music and the lasting impact of his contributions to the hip-hop genre.

As 50 Cent returns to New York, where his career was launched, he expressed his excitement about the tour’s success and his plans to give back to the city that played a pivotal role in his journey.

Receiving custom WWE Championship belts symbolizes not only their musical accomplishments but also their larger-than-life impact on pop culture. The WWE belts are renowned symbols of achievement and recognition in the entertainment world, making them a fitting accolade for 50 Cent and Busta Rhymes’ outstanding achievement in ticket sales.

The recognition of their achievements through these custom WWE Championship belts serves as a fitting tribute to their legacy and ongoing contributions to the world of music and entertainment.